Thirteen Tips for You About Motivation

13 Motivational Tips for YouAll of us have some form of motivation and it is different for each of us. There are simple things that could motivate us like, buying a really nice pair of shoes, shopping, or simply having some free time. No matter what it is that motivates us, there are certain things that keep us in this motivated state.Despite your many efforts to succeed in life there are those times that our motivation seems to fall off a cliff. These situations are quite normal and luckily there are easy ways on how to get around them1) ImaginationIf you can think it, it can be done. It’s been said that whether you think you can or cannot you are right.Imagination is our limitless resource of information. It is what drives people to come up of new things to make life better. It is also the starting point for motivation. Imagining how things will begin, the series of coordinated events, and the desired outcomes will most likely fuel anyone’s intentions.On the other hand, there is one twist to this though. We should avoid thinking negative thoughts or contradictory imaginations that may result negatively. Pessimistic imagination can only do so much as bring doubt. It cannot do us any good and would not motivate us at all.On the other hand, a healthy dose of realizing consequences can be helpful. Just don’t bring it to the point that would compromise our entire motivational plot. Think positive and imagine greater thing that will fire up our mood and motivate ourselves.2) Making Motivation a HabitUntil the very last ounce of life that we breathe, there is hope of achieving great things. Although we may have reached some of our goals, that does not mean that our life is already complete and we do not have any need for motivation. Let us keep in mind that without motivation, we wouldn’t get anywhere. Make motivation an everyday habit. Imagine, reimagine, and live our thoughts. Put this in a constant loop each day and we will find it easy to achieve a better life, reach new heights, and become a far better individual.3) Start Your Day being PositiveHave you ever woken up in the wrong side of the bed? Most of us have at one time or another and it lasted throughout the day. If negativity could last from the moment we wake up till we lay to rest at night, so can being positive. Kick start our day with a nice warm smile and a positive attitude. The right mind-set at the right time can be a game changer.4) Imagine Our AccomplishmentsProbably the best way to get ourselves motivated with work is to think about that sweet moment when we’ve finished each task assigned to us. It’s a very delightful feeling when we have accomplished everything and all the burden and stress on our mind just disappears into thin air. Thinking of that feeling of finishing our tasks will surely enlighten our mood. No matter how boring or tough the task may be, knowing that there’s some enlightenment waiting for us at the finish line makes us feel energized, determined, and motivated.5) Staying Motivated At WorkIt’s been said that more work gets done on the day before we are due to go on annual leave than any other day, why not make all days as productive and feel great as a result?There are days that work at the office can be such a drag that by the moment you go out the office door we feel like we’ve already spent every ounce of our energy. This normally happens to anyone especially when there are a lot of deadlines to beat, our boss breathing down our neck, and a ton of paperwork. Anyway, we should not be discouraged with these things. This is quite normal so let’s not worry. Work is basically work, so this normally happens almost every day. However, the difference comes on how we look at things. If we look at it closer, those employees at the bottom of the pecking order normally see work as just work. On the other hand, the CEO’s and other higher-ups are somewhat visionaries that see a different side of things which make them the leaders of a company. Earn the way up the food chain by motivating ourselves to do better at work.6) Get That “Stuck” FeelingHave you ever imagined yourself glued to your chair? Try this one out and imagine yourself being held down, your back glued to your chair, your feet nailed to the floor, and your only option to escape is to finish your tasks and finish them well. It’s a little too much for some but there are just some people who need a little extra motivation than others.7) Let’s Scare Ourselves A BitYes, you read it right. Scaring our self a bit need not be looking at out of this world zombie apocalypse type of scare but rather more realistic approaches like monetary concerns. Imagine our self in a tight situation where bills pile up and our pay isn’t due within the next fortnight. A little scare can be a good source of motivation. Thinking of the consequences can push people beyond their limits. We could harness this feeling even if there’s no real monetary concern of any sort. It’s like creating a hypothetical problem that can scare us to work better in the real world. It’s purely psychological but the results are quite real and their good too.8) Take Care of Ourselves and keep an eye on Our Health.Some of the time it’s easy to neglect ourselves and the simple things that can motivate us. Personal grooming and health can easily be overlooked which is always a big no. Before we do anything else, we need to be sure to put our personal welfare on top of the list. It’s not being greedy or anything but rather giving ourselves assurance that if anything goes wrong, we can move on any time. Buy ourselves a new suit, a nice looking tie, and a pair of good looking shoes or trainers. Investing in our self never hurts and it retains motivation. Workouts, and a healthy diet, to keep our bodies physically fit. The very first thing that we should not overlook is our body. One good confidence booster is by having good health. Nothing beats a nice looking healthy body that we and others seeing you would like. Getting in shape would definitely give us a head start.9) Find out What Easily Bothers UsThere are certain things that bother us most of the time. These are those little things that make us experience that unbearable itch that really annoys us. Find out what it is and take time to realize the situation and come up with a plan to keep it from coming back.10) Rid Yourself of Negativity The most dangerous thing that we could ever come up with would be negativity. It’s too damaging, stressful, and a complete waste of time. On the other hand, it’s a lot easier to get think negatively than positive. Being disappointed in something can stir up a lot of negative thoughts and doubts. We should never be negative because it will only steer us away from our goals. Other than that, negative thinking can drain the life out of us and that’s not just our mental health at risk but our physical health as well.11) MotivationOne aspect of the formula to success is motivation. The force that propels us to do what’s necessary is our undying motivation. Finding that drive to earn success is relatively important as the act of doing. Once we declare it in our minds then we could do it in the real world. Motivation is a key to success but it is not alone. Motivation in its own self is useless without other correlating factors that make up the whole picture. However, having the inspiration to do things is already much of an achievement but it still is not complete.12) Commitment and DeterminationPursuing a goal is not all about motivation. Although motivation plays a huge part in the pursuit of a goal but it alone cannot act on itself. It must be met with equal amounts of determination and commitment. To get hold of that success that we seek, we must commit ourselves to reaching those goals, being determined along the way, and having the motivation to drive ourselves from start to finish. Whether it’s success in work, business, or in school, a combination of these three elements is always necessary.13) Finally Be Happy With What We DoExcellence can be achieved if we find the joy to work. The best way of doing something is by enjoying it. While reaching our goals, enjoy and take pleasure with whatever it is that we are doing. It is then and only then can we can reach excellence and find joy in our work. The best people in history were never forced to do something that they did not want. They did it for the love of what they do. They had passion, motivation, sheer determination, and commitment. We could also apply this to ourselves. Everything starts with us and we start with the motivation to reach our goals. We then reach our goal with the burning passion, determination to move and the commitment to succeed in life. The most important thing of all is not the money or our career but rather the happiness that we felt from start to finish. Enjoy ourselves!That’s a mandatory approach that we should not overlook. Although pressure and stress may always accompany us, don’t let them hinder our happiness. It’s the ultimate incentive that we can get in this life. Motivate our self through happiness. However we may define it, being happy is one of the most powerful motivational techniques since the existence of man. After all, if we are living our lives without happiness, we are not living life at all. Let’s be happy, feel motivated, and enjoy the beauty of what life has to offer.